It is the Foundation’s belief that the key to success is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, by focusing on the Mind, Body, and Soul (Triple Play Approach). Programs that encourage mental health, increased physical activity, and personal/economic growth are the core of the Foundation’s overall activities. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an essential step in taking control over one’s destiny and individual empowerment.


The Foundation’s primary vision is to foster a society of economically independent individuals who are productively engaged citizens, able to contribute to the improvement of their communities. In alignment with this vision, the Foundation offers both professional and entrepreneurial mentoring programs. These innovative programs give mentees a direct link to professionals within the entertainment industry, as well as other fields business, legal, medical, law enforcement and public service. Mentees will be offered access to label executives, producers, recording artists, and will have the chance to operate a radio station. They will also have access to career professionals who are currently working in their chosen field. Offered mentoring programs give mentees the practice-based knowledge and hands-on experience to ultimately build their own enterprise. It’s the Foundation’s belief that individuals simply need to be provided the tools that will enable them to control their own destiny.

The Foundation promotes programs and services that “bridge the gap” and create linkages to organizations that are committed to enhancing the Mind, Body, and Soul of urban communities.

When the Going Gets Tough
Ruff Ryders to the Rescue Gets Going.


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